3 Generations and a Community Celebrate Nathan’s Bar Mitzvah

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending Nathan Magid’s bar mitzvah as a guest.  No photos, no running around making sure I get all the important people and details of the day.  It is great being part of Berkeley’s Beth El community where I have many friends and where I have watched many kids grow up.  Shoey_Magid-10

Nathan Magid is one such kid.  When I joined Beth El, his mom was pregnant with him so I literally watched him grow.  He is the youngest of 4 kids.  His grandparents were some of the community’s early members and Grandpa Albert continues to be a constant and regular fixture of the community.  Nathan’s parents, Dan and Robinn, are also central and active members of the synagogue.  So, when Nathan became a bar mitzvah, a large gathering of the tribe attended.  I was particularly happy to see the whole family participate throughout the entire service: Dan chanting numerous prayers and reading Haftorah; Robinn reading prayers and the other three kids reading and participating in rituals.  I always love the L’dor va’dor, “from generation to generation”, passing of the torah from Grandparents to parents to child.  Judaism is communal and multi-generational.  It pleases me to be part of the community and to witness and participate in my heritage.

While I did not have the pleasure of photographing the bar mitzvah, earlier this year I did photograph the three generations.  Where did Dan and Robinn want to take their family portraits?  Beth El, of course.  It’s like their second home.


Shoey_Magid-1 Shoey_Magid-4Shoey_Magid-3Shoey_Magid-9Shoey_Magid-7As you can probably see,  everyone in the family has a distinct personality.  They are all interesting and funny and love family.  I got a kick out of spending time with them and getting to know them better individually and as a group.  So, when I saw them all together at Nathan’s special day, celebrating him and celebrating family, tradition and being together, I knew it was genuine.

Mazel tov to Nathan and to Dan and Robinn.


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2 thoughts on “3 Generations and a Community Celebrate Nathan’s Bar Mitzvah

  1. Dear Shoey,
    I just found out that you are the person who took the picture of my Simchat Torah banner at Beth El at Nathan Magid’s Bar Mitzvah. I was wondering if there’s a way I
    could see any other pictures of it that you took that day, and if there’s a way I could purchase any of them. I’ve been doing large paper cuts for a while now and would like to assemble a record of them.
    All the best,

    1. Arella,

      I’m glad you dropped by my studio to introduce yourself. Your Simchat Torah banner was creative and well done and I liked your guerrilla hanging of it worked out well! Everyone seemed to appreciate it.

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