When I was 2 years old, my dad died suddenly.  Since he was the family photographer, there were few photos with him in them and only a few with his blonde-haired baby.  In fact, growing up, there were only two photos of him displayed on our walls: my parents’ wedding portrait and a family portrait.

For obvious reasons, I felt abandoned and denied the opportunity to know my dad. However, I did have the photos that gave me the information I craved to keep him alive in my mind.  Through our few treasured photos, my imagination allowed me to construct the story of him as a warm, fun-loving person who adored his family.  The photos allowed me to have a kind of emotional connection with him that might not otherwise be there.  Decades later as an adult, my mom confirmed that my childhood fantasy of my dad’s personality and love for family was accurate.

As an adult I realize that the power of storytelling is a gift I can provide to others.  I inherited my dad’s film camera and his love for family, photography and celebrating life’s moments.  Through the art of photography, I now help others preserve their memories of events big and small and of relationships between the people they love.  I create stunning collections of art that focus on the beauty and feelings of the moment that stand the test of time.  One of my aims is to create images that are authentic family treasures so that future generations will gaze upon their loved ones and catch a glimpse of who these people were.  They will see in their eyes the reflection of what they stood for and how they loved and were loved in this life.

I love working with people who appreciate beautiful pieces of art and are sparked to preserve the special moments of their lives.  They realize that their babies will only take their first steps once, that they celebrate their bat/bat mitzvah, their wedding day, their pregnancy just once and that time with grandparents won’t last forever.

Understanding how people can feel self-conscious in front of a camera,  I help my clients feel vibrant, beautiful and seen for who they are.  I bring a relaxed, confident attitude to my photography and in turn my clients show their relaxed and confident selves.  I experience a deep and profound happiness knowing that my clients love and treasure their prints depicting a chapter in their life’s story.  And that is why I am a photographer.