Albany Business Portraits: Elizabeth Lowell, Massage Therapist

Shoey Sindel Photography created business portraits for the amazing Albany Massage Therapist, Elizabeth Lowell. Elizabeth Lowell brings warmth, compassion and beauty to her massage and to her photo session.

Have you ever felt like your body just needs to be held, have the tension and pain worked out and feel absolutely blissed out?  Do you suffer from stress in mind and/or body, depression, disease or fatigue?  If so, do yourself a favor and call Elizabeth Lowell, Certified Massage Therapist in Albany, CA for the massage of your life.

Elizabeth provides the most soothing massage I’ve had in years.  She incorporates guided meditations into her practice to help her clients become more aware of their bodies and to reduce stress.  Or, you can just trust your body to her hands and allow her to work through your aches and pains while you soak it in.

I photographed Elizabeth for her business portrait.  She was a perfect client; she came in with a vision of what she wanted to communicate with her portrait.  Her internal and external beauty and her comfort with herself–and with me as the photographer–made her easy to photograph.  In addition to wanting to communicate her warm personality, she wanted to also convey empathy, strength and compassion with a rich warm tone to go with the sepia tone of her web site.

Elizabeth-Lowell-Albany-business-portrait Elizabeth’s hands are very important to her trade.  We played with a few different poses to show her strength and power but still keeping her image soft and welcoming.  I think this pose captures all those qualities.
Elizabeth-Lowell-Berkeley-business-portraitI’ve coached many clients about not necessarily needing to smile in their business portrait to convey approachability, interest, confidence and warmth.  I love this portrait.  There’s a deep sense of attention, focus, seriousness and kindness in this portrait.  I love that I left a lot of negative space around her.  To me, it evokes the expansive space that Elizabeth gives her clients, to be with their bodies and to explore their potentials.
Shoey-Sindel-business-portrait I’ve photographed massage, acupuncture, body work and exam tables before and they usually look pretty sterile and clinical.  This shot captures Elizabeth’s table but focuses on what she literally brings to the table (sorry, had to make a little pun).Elizabeth-Lowell-Berkeley-commercial-photography So, if you are looking for a therapeutic and relaxing massage for yourself or as a gift, try Elizabeth Lowell.  You will be happy you did.  Call her at (415) 654-3874 or go to her web site at

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