As part of my bar and bat mitzvah packages I offer a complimentary Announcement Photo session in the months preceding the mitzvah.  Like a wedding Engagement photo session, these Announcement sessions in that it serves 3 major purposes for bat/mitzvah and their family.

  1. The Announcement Session allows the bar/bat mitzvah to get to know me prior to the actual mitzvah day.  This casual session is focused on the tweenagers. I learn a bit about them such as what their hobbies are & what they’re into. I’m interested in making a connection with them so that we’re already comfortable with each other on the mitzvah day.  Of course, I want them to know how cool and approachable I am even though I’m their parents’ age.  They hear all my stupid jokes as I’m learning how to make them smile and get them relaxed.  My “jokes” are my secret to capturing their authentic selves (yes, some people are laughing AT me!!)  Come bar/bat mitzvah day, we’re already friends so they are more at ease while I’m photographing them on the bimah.

2. Teach them (and their parents) how to pose. During this photo session, I show the teen how to pose including what to do with their hands, where to look and how to position their heads.  We try out different expressions from great big smiles to serious, goofy and/or contemplative looks. Getting feedback from the parents and the bar/bat mitzvah lets me know how they like to be seen and how I will photograph them during their bar/bat mitzvah day.

Other family members are invited to get in on the photo session. They too learn how to pose and, as a bonus, they get to hear my lame jokes.3. Provide artwork for the synagogue bulletin, guest books, sign-in photos and wall art. Synagogues often require a photo of the bar mitzvah for their upcoming events calendar.  Rather than posting a cell phone snapshot, my clients have a professional portrait for the community to see.  Families also use the session photos for guest book or a matted print for guests to sign.These make great keepsakes for the family.  Some families also order framed prints to decorate their walls or to give as gifts.

All of my b’nai mitzvah photo packages come with a complimentary Announcement Photo session because I love to pamper my clients and make sure they are ready for their big day. If you’re interested in a free consultation, please give me a call at 510-917-0659.