Executive Portraits of Chris Erickson

SF Bay Area CEO Chris Erickson’s executive head shot session with Shoey Sindel included a variety of looks for him to communicate with a variety of clients.

Executive Portraits for Climate Earth CEO

The most interesting people come to my studio for Executive portraits.  One such person is Chris Erickson, CEO of Climate Earth, Inc.  Chris co-founded Climate Earth, headquartered in Berkeley, in 2008. The company uses big data and software technology to help large organizations efficiently measure, reduce, and report environmental impacts in both their supply chains and products.   He explained to me how their data allows large companies to understand the environmental impact of their supply input and allow them to make intelligent choices.  
Since Chris interacts with both corporate executives as well as manufactures–like concrete experts–he needed a set of head shots that would work with in a variety of business settings.  He brought a suite and tie plus his “regular guy” flannels for his various studio portraits. We had a easy conversation, listened to music while doing our photo shoot and rocked the session.  Here is the result of his photo shoot:
 Climate-Earth-executive-portrait-1 Climate-Earth-executive-portrait-2Climate-Earth-executive-portrait-3Climate-Earth-executive-portrait-4
Chris’ testimonial attests to his experience and the photos speak for themselves:

About working with Shoey: I should start by saying that ​pointing a black thing with a big glass eye toward me makes me feel awkward and self conscious at best. I’ll never be a model but Shoey was masterful at making me comfortable and a lot more relaxed in front of the camera. It was also great to see her work, glancing at shots and making subtle changes in the lighting that instantly made a huge difference in the next shot.  The bottom line is she is a pro and fun to work with too. 

So, whether you need an executive head shot or a more casual portrait to communicate with your clients, trust Shoey Sindel Photography with your image.  Call 510-917-0659 or email photos@shoeysindel.com to schedule your appointment.

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