Realtor’s Personal Brand Photos–Unique Photos for a Unique Personality

Take a moment to conjure up an image of a realtor…What do you see?  A well groomed professional in a suit, driving a shiny Lexus, Mercedes, Tesla?  Believe it or not, not all realtors fit that mold; these individuals defy the stereotype by showing up with their own personality and own story.

Heidi Kearsley of Winkler Real Estate is one such person.  Yes, she’s a fantastic realtor who takes amazing care of her clients and helps them find their dream homes.  She’s creative, quirky, fun-loving.  She loves the water; she lives on a yacht and loves windsurfing.  She’s a bike rider and you can find her in costume at the monthly East Bay Bike Party rides.  In homes, she often looks for the “diamond in the rough” which can certainly help folks find a first home in the Bay Area’s inflated house market.A couple of years ago, I photographed Heidi’s business branding photos at the Albany Bulb where we took advantage of the found-object art that is out there.  Here is one such photo from that shoot which she’s used quite a lot in her marketing:

When Heidi recently returned to me for a second set of branding portraits and headshots, she wanted a collection of photos that are as unique and interesting as she is. Heidi loves the East Bay including Emeryville, Oakland and Berkeley.  She wanted her photos to connect to her ideal clients and reflect what she loves most: water, the East Bay and her warm and creative  personality.  This is part of what she chose for her 2018 collection:“Welcome to the East Bay!”

The negative space on the side of this photo is perfect for text to be used in her marketing.What caption would YOU use with this photo?  I thought, “You want to buy a house in SF under a million??  Come to the East Bay!”

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