Business Portraits–USE Credit Union Headshots for Creative Advertising

Effective Business Portraits don’t have to be boring!

USE Credit Union is no ordinary lending institution and they don’t want ordinary, run-of-the-mill advertising photos for their advertising. Unlike the mega-banks like Wells Fargo and Bank of America, USE Credit Union, with offices in Berkeley, is a friendly institution who pride themselves on outstanding customer service and doing the right thing for their clients.

So, when they called me to create their photos for their Client Welcome Kit, they specifically asked me to highlight their Branch Manager, Jonathan, as the warm, inviting fellow that he really is.  No problem. I posed him and prompted him through a variety of stances and attitudes to get a range of expressions.

They chose one of the photos below but I’d like to hear which one YOU would choose if you were the marketing director!

USE Credit business blog-1

As a testimonial, Kevin, USE’s Marketing Executive, gave me this YELP review:

What a difference artistry makes! Or should I say creativity? Shoey was my hired gun to shoot some full-length, head to toe, individual shots of employees for some new marketing collateral. Shoey was my Berkeley choice and two others handled shoots in Davis and San Diego. All had the same mock-ups and instructions. Shoey’s work was so fantastic, it made me realize that anyone can point and shoot, but getting subjects to pose just right with just the right expressions is a real art form. Much thanks Shoey and I look forward to sharing the finished collateral with you.

If you’re looking for headshots and marketing portraits to tell your story, please give me a call at 510-917-0659 or click HERE to drop me a note . I’d love to help you shine.

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