Berkeley Bat Mitzvah @ Netivot Shalom

Dahlia will be a bat mitzvah this Saturday at Berkeley’s Netivot Shalom. We photographed at her rehearsal.

Dahlia will be a bat mitzvah this Saturday at Berkeley’s Netivot Shalom. She is darling and at that betwen age I love: at one moment all poised and mature and the next she’s goofing around making funny faces and twirling.

Because we can’t photograph on Shabbat, we did rehearsal photos yesterday.  Some synagogues allow photography on Shabbat and some don’t. Netivot Shalom does not. So, Dahlia’s sisters, parents and grandparents–from Israel and Texas–came all dressed ready to smile. It’s so much more relaxing to photograph on a Wednesday (especially during summer vacation) instead of on the morning prior to services where nervous butterflies often replace breakfast in the bat mitzvah’s stomach!

In any event, Dahlia practiced her Torah readings and prayers as did her parents, sister and grandparents who are reading Torah and/or chanting.  We did some posed family groupings and I snuck in a few candids.  Friday afternoon we’re photographing the extended family prior to evening services. Then, I get to see them again on Saturday night when they let loose and celebrate with friends and family. Berkeley-Bat-mitzvah-photography-6

Berkeley-Bat-mitzvah-photography-4Berkeley-Bat-mitzvah-photography-7Berkeley-Bat-mitzvah-photography-5 Berkeley-Bat-mitzvah-photography-2Berkeley-Bat-mitzvah-photography-1 Bat-Mitzvah-Photography-1

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