Elegant Business Head-shots for Realtors

Realtors, by trade, are social folks and need excellent portraits for their business cards, brochures, web sites and online social media AND the portraits need to be current.  They want potential clients to actually recognize them and not confuse them for the realtor’s adult child!   I think this is a common problem for realtors who refuse (or forget) to update their head shot.   When I was growing up, the neighborhood realtor passed out whiteboard calendars with her photo on it and my mom dutifully put that on the refrigerator.  Every year the realtor sent out new calendars with the same photo.  A dozen years later, mom had the new year’s calendar with the SAME photo on it!

I’m glad to say local Berkeley realtor Declan Spring of Red Oak Realty was wise enough to update his portrait.  Besides being a caring and attentive realtor, Declan is quite handsome but his last photo did not do him justice.  We did a studio portrait session and he chose several favorites to use for different media.  Hey, why not mix it up?  Now Declan can pass out his new cards with pride.

Berkeley Realtor headshot Declan SpringBerkeley Real Estate HeadshotBerkeley Headshot Red Oak Real Estate Declan Spring

If you’re in a business where your potential clients need to recognize you and you’re the FACE of your business, consider a new portrait.  We can photograph you in my studio, at your business or on location to create something that is modern and screams YOU!



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