Berkeley Executive Business Headshot–Sotheby’s Realty

Business executives are busy people who often don’t have the luxury to have an hour-long photo shoot.  I get it.  Luckily, I can set up my studio with short notice and provide a business portrait to be proud to use.  This morning I received a call at 11:15 am wanting to know how soon I could meet and photograph Mark Attarha, the President/Managing Broker of Bay Sotheby’s Realty.  I said, “noon.”  That gave me 45 minutes to ready my studio and set the lights up for the headshot.  He arrived 15 minutes early!  No problem. I completed my set up, did the shoot and previewed and selected his favorites within 25 minutes.  I did a quick retouch of the images and prepared them for him while he waited. He left with images in hand ready to continue with business.

Whether you’re a busy executive or someone who wants to take their time creating your iconic business portrait, call me at 510-917-0659 to schedule an appointment.

Mark Attarha Sotheby's

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