Bankers are not all stuffy–Berkeley studio glamour portrait session

Linda is a warm, smart woman who has a heart of gold…and the Midas touch as well as she works as a banker.  Linda came into my studio for a portrait session.  Like many of my clients, she was a bit nervous about getting her portrait taken.  Fortunately, she showed up with a willing spirit and the desire to just have some fun and trust me.  The sky was just starting to sprinkle so we ditched out earlier plans of shooting outdoors and stayed in the studio.  No worries as we created lots of options with different light applications and places in the studio. Studio Portrait In the black and white photo below, I created a Hollywood Glamour shot using one light source to create strong shadows and another to brighten up the background.  Linda provided a perfect sultry look to make this image dramatic and compelling.

We then experimented with natural light for a softer look.  I again used a flash on the brick wall to bring out the background.  Her colors work so well together in this shot.   During our time together, she tried a variety of outfits and accessories, expressions and poses.   I especially love her photos taken with modified window light in my sitting room.  This was toward the end of our session so Linda was quite relaxed and workin’ her model thing.    At the end of our session, Linda told me that she had a great time at her first (and I suspect not last) professional portrait session.

Not everyone can be a banker, but I can make anyone look and feel like a million bucks!   Give yourself or someone you love a gift of beauty.  Holiday gift certificates make a perfect present.

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