Berkeley Netivot Shalom Bat Mitzvah–Mazel Tov Ariel

I had the pleasure and honor of photographing Ariel’s bat mitzvah. This was no ordinary bat mitzvah photo shoot; it was for the rabbi’s daughter…no pressure there!   Ariel’s family is so down to earth, sweet and funny as heck.  Their family is full of huggers and there was a fair share of tears.  And, they know how to party!  Here is a sample from the mitzvah.

We took family portraits a few days prior to the bat mitzvah.  Ariel is so comfortable with herself, her family and the synagogue (which is like home).  I loved meeting the extended family who came from far and farther to celebrate this beautiful young woman.

Shoey-Ariel Creditor-bat mitzvah-2 Shoey-Ariel Creditor-bat mitzvah-3Shoey-Ariel Creditor-bat mitzvah-4Shoey-Ariel Creditor-bat mitzvah-10 Shoey-Ariel Creditor-bat mitzvah-1Shoey-Ariel Creditor-bat mitzvah-147 Shoey-Ariel Creditor-bat mitzvah-146Shoey-Ariel Creditor-bat mitzvah-117Shoey-Ariel Creditor-bat mitzvah-7 Shoey-Ariel Creditor-bat mitzvah-107 Shoey-Ariel Creditor-bat mitzvah-119 Shoey-Ariel Creditor-bat mitzvah-118 Shoey-Ariel Creditor-bat mitzvah-120

Some pretty killer pink Converses that go with her hair!Shoey-Berkeley-bat mitzvah-114 Shoey-Berkeley-bat mitzvah-116 Shoey-Berkeleyr-bat mitzvah-115

Shabbat is over and now it’s time to P-A-R-T-Y!Shoey-Ariel Creditor-bat mitzvah-121Shoey-Ariel Creditor-bat mitzvah-123 Shoey-Ariel Creditor-bat mitzvah-124

Everyone joined in for a Havdalah service to bring closure to Shabbat and welcome in the week. It’s a nice time for everyone to gather for communal singing and feelings of gratitude.Shoey-Ariel Creditor-bat mitzvah-125 Shoey-Ariel Creditor-bat mitzvah-127 Shoey-Ariel Creditor-bat mitzvah-130Shoey-Ariel Creditor-bat mitzvah-131

Time to dance, dance, dance the horah.Shoey-Ariel Creditor-bat mitzvah-133 Shoey-Ariel Creditor-bat mitzvah-135Shoey-Ariel Creditor-bat mitzvah-138Family photos are so powerful.  The guests enjoyed a slide show of Ariel’s life thus far…lots of memories were sparked as people laughed, giggled and cried during the show.
Shoey-Ariel Creditor-bat mitzvah-174 Shoey-Ariel Creditor-bat mitzvah-171Shoey-Berkeley-bat mitzvah-142Of course there was more dancing.  Everyone got into the festivities with some Israeli and American music.  There was a dance I hadn’t seen before, The Turkish Kiss.  It was a blast to watch.  As I’m writing this, I’m listening to the music.   Shoey-Ariel Creditor-bat mitzvah-163Berkeley-bat mitzvah-Turkish Kiss-2 Berkeley-bat mitzvah-Turkish KissBerkeley-bat mitzvah-Turkish Kiss-3Berkeley-Creditor-bat mitzvah-143

Mazel tov again to you and your family.

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