Berkeley Parents Network Recommendations–Testimonials don’t get better than this

Wow, I’m blown away by the amount of truly amazing recommendations for my photography posted on Berkeley Parents Network.  BPN is the go-to site for East Bay Area families looking for services.  It’s like Yelp but much better.  Recently a Berkeley parent asked for a recommendation for, “An Amazing Photographer for a 16 month-old.”

Here were the responses:

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++ Amazing Photographer for 16 month-old

Definitely contact Shoey Sindel. She is an amazing
photographer and so easy and fun to work with. Her website
is here and will give you an idea of the work she does.

It’s easy to print in black and white, but it’s always best
to know ahead of time what you want the output to look like.
Her studio is in Berkeley – 510.917.0659, or email David

Regarding a photographer for your child, I have a superb
recommendation for you: Shoey Sindel on Solano /Tacoma in
Berkeley. I am very familiar with her children’s portraits,
which are unforgettable. Shoey is a master at capturing
moments that endure. We recently hired her to photograph our
daughters (ages 9 and 12) together and individually to
document them at turning points in their lives. The results
are amazing: the girls look natural and comfortable. The
images are beautiful and we cannot wait to share them with
family and display them in our home. Shoey’s process is
relaxing and confidence-building. After the shoot, both of
the girls excitedly exclaimed that they want to become
models!  J.G.

I highly recommend my photographor Shoey Sindel. She has a
unique way to make me feel reflexed and be myself. And she
captures the right moment. I not only got great pictures but
also enjoyed the experience. She is loving and very good
with kids. Her studio is on Solano Ave in Berkeley. Call her
at 510-917-0659. Best, Lan Lan

Shoey Sindel is the photographer you’re looking for-an
artist at what she does. She has an incredible ability to
capture people of all ages naturally. She’s a wonderful
communicator and loves her work. Here is all her contact
info.  Shoey Sindel Photography 1607 Solano Ave.
Laura Natkins


A GIGANTIC “THANK YOU” to my wonderful clients who have allowed me into their lives to document some of their most important and fleeting moments.   I recognize how temporary each stage of a person’s or family’s development is and I treat each life stage with love and care.

Gift certificates are available as perfect gifts to someone you love (including yourself)!  My studio is open Tues through Sunday through December 23.  The address is 1607 Solano Ave, Berkeley, CA 94709.  My phone is 510-917-0659.


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