Business/branding photography: Looking back at 2021 and forward to 2022

Business and branding photography and marketing thriving during pandemic.

Even with COVID, 2021 was a good year for photography.

With the increase of online shopping for practically all goods and services, businesses have smartly recognized the need for a strong professional visual presence whether it’s their websites, LinkedIn and other social media spaces, newsletters, year-end impact reports and other marketing tools.  

(Berkeley Food Network Impact Report and Marketing Images)

In the business arena, I was fortunate to work with an interesting range of hyper-local nonprofits, educational institutions at UC Berkeley, startup small businesses and international companies on NASDAQ and on the Fortune 500.  I photographed headshots for artists releasing movies and albums, scientists, yoga teachers, actors, tech geniuses, engineers, lawyers and insurance and real estate agents.  Everyone I met understood and valued the power of excellent photography and visual story telling.  

Even some events occurred in 2021! UC Berkeley was back doing in-person classes and the Graduate Student Division celebrated with an Open House replete with Oski and happy students.

As 2022 begins, what story are YOU ready to tell? Give a call at 510-917-0659 or CONTACT me so we can discuss your projects.

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