Business Portraits: photographing Bay Area’s top criminal and litigation lawyers

A business picture is worth a thousand words–and often thousands of dollars.  Consumers shop for professionals and often pursue or reject services based solely on a seconds-long view of a web site’s home page.  The business portrait or head-shot is a vital element in your marketing and branding.  It educates your client about who you are, a bit about your personality and style and some of your values.  A well crafted, professional portrait tells your client something about you and your business just like a badly composed, poorly lit, do-it-yourself photo says something else equally as strong about your business.  Creating a cohesive brand message is critical in connecting with the right clients and letting your clients know what you and your business stands for.

I’ve developed a specialty in professional portraits.  I’ve worked with people in all fields from the creative to corporate, therapists to lawyers.  Many of the San Francisco Bay Area’s lawyers I’ve photographed include top-notched attorney’s in their fields like Super Lawyer David Newdorf (my husband), Lawyers of the Year Chris Arguedas, Ted Cassman and Laurel Headley, and David Cohen and the Bay Area Criminal Lawyers.  Each attorney described specific characteristics they wanted to convey in their photos.  The key words help guide the mood and posing of the shoot.  The outcome sometimes surprises the client–they thought they wanted “tough” and ended up choosing “approachable” and “likable” images.  It’s an interesting process.  Different professionals tend to want to attract clients with specific expressions.  A therapist probably would like to be seen as “warm, competent, approachable” while other professionals might want to portray “fun” or “creative”.

I recently photographed San Francisco Criminal Lawyer Matt Sullivan for his web site and social media.  Matt is an experienced criminal attorney who represents individuals in all criminal matters, including DUI’s.  The office is based in San Francisco, and is owned by Attorney Matt Sullivan.  Mr. Sullivan is an experienced criminal defense attorney, and a graduate of the University of San Francisco Law School.  He is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Fourth Amendment Advocacy Committee and a member of the Bay Area Trial Lawyers College local group.  The office represents clients charged with criminal offenses in both state and federal court, and has achieved successful results for many clients throughout Northern California.  The office offers free consultations regarding any criminal matter.

If you are redesigning your web site, or starting fresh and need expertly crafted, personal portraits that really get to the heart of YOU, please contact Shoey Sindel Photography to schedule your shoot.  I can work with you on-location to highlight you in your workplace or in my studio.  Either way, you and your image are unique and that’s the way you’ll be photographed.




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