Business Headshots–Do you have 2 or more heads?

We all have a variety of interests, professions and avocations.  But, what happens when your day-job professional persona has a different vibe than your personal brand or other-self persona?

What if you’re a surgeon during the week and a rock climbing instructor or jazz musician on the weekends?  While wearing scrubs playing a tenor sax might look cool for your album cover, it’s probably won’t do for marketing materials at the surgeon center. Right?  You’ll probably want at least a couple of images of each look as your public face for marketing purposes.

I say, “No problem!”  We can go as quirky and creative as we can go straight-up classic headshot.  And, when you work with me, you’ll most likely end up with a variety of looks that you didn’t even know existed or that you absolutely needed.

Trisha, for example, is an Executive Coach and Head of Executive Search for a major Silicon Valley company by day and a Pilates Instructor on her off-hours; two very different looks.

During her recent studio headshot session we used a classic white background and business wardrobe and hair style for her Executive job.






A quick change of clothes and background to match her gym’s web site made it possible to create a different feel for her fitness trainer job.

Then, of course, we had to play and pull out a few more looks for all her other uses.









Whether you have one brand or you need to show your many facets; when you’re looking to update your photos and make your web site and social media images pop and show the real you (or YOU’S), give me a call.  Click HERE to contact me.  I’m fascinated to know all about you.


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Shoey Sindel Photography is a Berkeley-based headshot and portrait photographer. We create dynamic and authentic business portraits and personal branding photos that get you the attention you deserve. Our heirloom-quality family portraits will stand the test of time and last generations.

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