Carmela and Norris’ Engagement

Carmela and Norris are engaged.  They’re perfectly matched.  They’re both fitness coaches and exercise junkies.  Carmela co-owns Berkeley’s Fitness Evolved and Norris is a personal trainer.   So, it made perfect sense that they wanted their engagement shoot to be at the track.  Those two are such fun.  They arm wrestled (Carmela won of course), did some pull ups, and ran piggy back along the track–that was Carmela running with Norris on her back!  I was pooped just keeping up with them.

We also opted for a engagement shoot indoors–where I wouldn’t have to run to keep up them!   They play-acted their first fight.  See how sorry he looks?But that didn’t last long; making up was more fun.  The wedding will be in April which will give me enough time to work out with Carmela and build my stamnia!


One thought on “Carmela and Norris’ Engagement

  1. These are great images which portray more than the surface beauty of the couple. How sincere to show a fight scene, because fights are bound to happen, and so is making up. Shoey, you have brought out the inner character.

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