Valeska Ramet, rest in peace

Valeska Ramet was a fiercely smart, funny and passionate woman. CEO of Love Life Prosperity, beautiful inside and out, Valeska will be laid to rest in Oakland and missed by those who knew and loved her.

Realtor’s Personal Brand Photos–Unique Photos for a Unique Personality

Take a moment to conjure up an image of a realtor…What do you see?  A well groomed professional in a suit, driving a shiny Lexus, Mercedes, Tesla?  Believe it or not, not all realtors fit that mold; these individuals defy the stereotype by showing up with their own personality and own story. Heidi Kearsley of […]

Business Headshot for Lawyer

So many of my business headshot clients come to me reluctantly; the idea of getting a new portrait excites them less than a root canal! But, they always leave smiling.