Composer Wendy Reid and her bird Lulu SIT for a business portrait

I received a call from Wendy the other day.  She needed a business portrait to publicize her upcoming performance a the SF Jazz Center.  Wendy asked if I could photograph her and her bird, Lulu.  I hesitated and I’ll confess why.  It’s not that I can’t photograph people with their animals.  I’ve photographed people and dogs and cats and stuffed animals.  The thing about this is assignment that made me a bit squeamish is that I have a bird phobia.  It all started when as a kid when my nice cat brought me “presents” and left them at the front door.  To this day, when a bird flies near me, I do freak out and have a little panic attack.  Really.
Wendy and her music sounded so interesting–and she said Lulu would probably not fly–that I chose to give it a try.  Wendy especially liked my idea of having her interact with Lulu during the shoot as to take the focus off Wendy and onto the collaborative and loving relationship between woman and bird.
The shoot went perfectly.  Wendy played me her music which features musicians and electronic sounds riffing off Lulu’s chatter.  It’s very interesting…Click here to hear some of her sounds.

Wendy Reid is a composer and performer known for her Tree Pieces, an on-going set of musical processes.   She performs with her birds Lulu and Shooshoo and guest artist Tom Dambly (Trumpet) all who will be featured on Other Minds 19 at the SF Jazz Center.

Wendy and Lulu said, ” Thank Shoey Sindel for (your) patience, expertise and artistic vision in creating a special photo for this event. “
I want to thank Wendy and Lulu for coming in and especially to Lulu for not flying!

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