Georgette Delvaux, Rolfer and Author

Berkeley_author_portrait_Georgette DelvauxI have known Georgette Delvaux for quite a few years.  She was my body worker using Rolfing to treat my unhappy back.  Her magical hands took me from cringing in pain and lying on the floor unable to move to dreaming and actually succeeding in riding my bike to LA.  She’s that good.  And, Georgette is full of humor and motherly advice.  While I was her client, Georgette wrote and published A Barefoot Doctor’s Guide for Women.  The book focuses on hormonal health explaining in a conversational tone how issues related to menstruation, pre-menopause, and menopause can begin as mere annoyances and gradually develop into major problems that affect both body and mind.  She describes the harmful late effects of treating hormonal imbalances with artificial hormones.  Using her supportive and intelligent wisdom, Delvaux takes on other often-taboo topics, encourages women to trust subtle changes in their own sensations, and helps them understand both alternative and conventional medicine.  It’s a good read.  You can purchase your copy in a local book store or on Amazon.

To celebrate the release of her book overseas, Georgette came in for a new portrait.  Isn’t she lovely?  If you want to speak to Dr. Delvaux about Rolfing or about her book please contact her via her web, site click here. And, if you need a portrait for your art or craft or business, please contact me.



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