Dr Scott Phillips, Berkeley Chiropractor Headshots

Meet one of my recent business headshot clients, Dr. Scott Phillips.
scott-phillips-chiropractor-berkeley-headshot_dsc4700tChiropractor Dr Scott Phillips is one of Berkeley’s true finds. He uses Directional Non-Force Technique for his adjustments. Unlike the typical “cracking” and “pushing” forms of chiropractic medicine, his light-touch technique felt like he was just touching or gently swiping my skin to make the alignments.  I’m very sensitive. In the past, some chiropractic adjustments had left me feeling achy and more sore as my body tightened with force and jolting.  Scott Phillips’ method actually made me feel so much better…and he includes a massage at the end of the session!

He’s as kind, gentle and approachable as he looks in his portrait.  It makes sense that his professional portrait’s energy matches his personality so that the new clients will not be surprised when they meet.  This is what I work towards in my photography: understanding and capturing people’s authentic essence.

If you’re looking for an excellent chiropractor contact Dr. Scott Phillips at www.drscottphillips.com and if you’re looking to update your business portrait to reflect your true self, please contact me to schedule your headshot session.

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