Family Gathers for Christmas & Portraits

Lynn’s family gathered at her Berkeley Hills house for Christmas and she wanted to treat them to a family portrait session.  In attendance were Lynn, her nephew, his wife and their two young kids and his two older children.  It was just after Christmas so the tree was up and the 4 year-old son had plenty of fun new toys to play with. The winter storms had broken so we had a glorious clear view of the San Francisco Bay.

Lynn’s testimonial reads:

“Shoey brings out the best in family dynamics.  She and her camera disappeared into the background while photographing my family at my house.  It allowed us to be more spontaneous, representing what we like to think of as our true selves.   We are so pleased with the results.”

berkeley-family-photos-1If you’ve ever tried photographing your children using your iPhone in a room that was backlit, you know you have to choose between seeing your family with a “blown out” white blob for the background or capturing the colors and details of the bright background nicely with your subjects in silhouette.  That’s why I brought studio lights with me to the location session.  I think I did a very nice job balancing the outside with the inside, making the portraits look natural.  Feel free to let me know what you think!

Family-portraits_SF Bay Area

This is a lively and fun family. After taking a variety of more styled and posed photos this family wanted to have spontaneous fun…why be serious when you can goof around a bit?berkeley-family-christmas-photos-SF Bay Area-family portraitsberkeley-child-family-portraitsberkeley-family-photographerOne thing I do well is bond with kids of all ages. This allows them to relax and forget that I’m there to take photos. This little boy and I became fast buddies. He got into playing with his new toy which allowed me some time to photograph him doing what he does best–play.  I love these quiet, focused images and I think they would make a great triptych wall display. Holiday-family-photolifestyle-photographyBerkeley-child-portography_DSC7729 Looking for memorable portrait of your family? Let’s schedule a free consultation. Give a call at 510-917-0659.

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