Family Portraits: Valerie, Marty and sons

As a photographer, I get to peek into the lifecycle of families and freeze moments for them.  Years later, the family can look at a photo and the memories of that time are conjured up again.  Recently, I photographed a family I’ met years ago.   I met Valerie, Marty, August and Orion when the boys were in preschool with my boys.  I haven’t seen the boys since they were about 5 years old so it was amazing to witness how grown up and delightful the boys-turned-men have become.

They chose a perfect time for a family portrait as they are coming close to changes in their family: one son is a high school grad and working and the other will graduate next year.  Kids grow up, move out, go to college, start their own families.  Where does the time go?

We went to the Blake Gardens in Kensington for the session.   It’s a meaningful place for them so it was a perfect place to take photos.  It’s a little challenging due to the dark or overly contrasty light but we found a few spots that suited them perfectly and where their personalities shined.

family portraitfamilyprints_DSC2122T  teen

Let me know if YOU have a favorite spot that is meaningful to you and your family.  That might be the best place to capture your family’s memories.

Ciao for now,


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