Valeska Ramet, rest in peace

The call is one you never want to receive.  It was Valeska Ramet’s mom , Sandra, calling to tell me that her dear daughter had died and that she’d like a copy of a photo I had taken of her for the memorial service.

Over the course of my career, I have taken many people’s final portraits which became their family’s treasure.  When the subject is in their 90’s that’s one thing.  Valeska was only 48.

And, when she’s your friend, that’s something entirely different.


Valeska Ramet was a fiercely smart, funny and passionate woman.  We had met in a Business Networking group, BNI, and instantly became friends. Valeska expressed her passion for love and relationship in many ways including through her business Love Life Prosperity.  She coached people in finding the right kind of love, in healing from past hurtful relationships and discovering and enhancing their own personal powers.

Valeska was also quite the fashionista.  She could strut into a room and command it with her strong and beautiful presence.  I thoroughly loved just hanging out with her sipping tea, laughing about how ridiculous people are and talking about family, beauty, love, business, clothes, photography, cats, whatever.

Valeska will be laid to rest in Oakland and missed by those who knew and loved her. The world will be less bright and full of your spark.  Rest in peace.


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2 thoughts on “Valeska Ramet, rest in peace

  1. Wow it’s two years and we, her feminine power community did not know. I’m so sorry to hear this! Valeska had a profound effect on me as well – sharp, funny, interesting! So sorry for your loss, for her parents!!! And for the world. Thanks for sharing your remembrance.

    1. Yes, Valeska was a special soul. She connected deeply with others and had a lot of love to share. I’m glad that you now know about her loss. The best we can do is keep her light and her strong and playful energy alive. Take care.

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