Featured Business Superstar–Lisa Cain of MarketingU

I am not engaging in hyperbole when I say that Lisa Cain of MarketingU is a marketing genius.  She is my guru and coach in all things marketing.   Her motto is, “Learn it.  Do it.  Profit.”  And that’s just what she does.  Not only does Lisa teach small and larger business owners in classes and privately how to wage a successful marketing campaign but she will actually help you do it.  Now, that’s big.   Lisa sits there with you and gets you to make it happen.

I have previously photographed Lisa and her family members for business and event photography so when I told her I got a new studio couch and wanted to try it out, she agreed (knowing what to expect spending an hour with me).  In addition to taking some beautiful business portraits, which she is already using for her own marketing, I got her to play along with me and use a graduation mortarboard prop to emphasize the “U”.  Tasteful and playful at the same time.

If you are a business owner and need portraits to tell your business story, call Shoey Sindel at 510-917-0659 to schedule an appointment.  And if you want to kick start 2012 with a marketing plan, contact Lisa Cain at MarketingU.

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