Featured Business Superstar–The Brandularity Group

My current mantra is, “Business portraits don’t have to be boring.”  Sure, it’s important to have a good, clean headshot but most businesses want to distinguish themselves through their branding, their web site and all their social media.  Why not use your online and print images to help deliver the message about who you and your business are?   Whitney Greer of The Bruadularity Group are the perfect creative client wanting something different.

The Brandularity Group is a collaborative of creative branders who specialize in developing brand stories and prepares executives for business launches, rebrands and change campaigns.  Their client base ranges from Fortune 500s to high-octanre start-ups.  If you want to see the most beautiful, creative web site, click here…and then come back : )

With a web site like that, Whitney definitely wanted a creative, original set of business portraits.   We headed out to the Albany Bowl where nature meets environmental graffiti artist.  Here’s a small subset of our final portraits:

Brandularity 1

Brandularity 2Whitney GreerBrandularity 3

About the shoot, Whitney said:

For us, brand communications is all about expressing differentiation based on big purpose and authenticity. In Shoey, we found the perfect partner to help us walk our own walk.

Shoey heard when I said I wanted my pictures to embody our tagline  “Inspire Communication.” She also took into consideration how I value nature as well as the energy of an urban environment.

Our collaboration resulted in the selection of an unusual outdoor setting featuring beautiful graffiti images, plus a mixed wardrobe that reflected a polished, yet relaxed image.

During the shoot I wondered how all these different elements would play out on camera. However, Shoey’s creative confidence and ability to capture the true essence of someone’s personality brought the entire project together.  It was a delightful adventure with a terrific outcome and I can’t wait to see what we come up with next for the update.

Thank you Shoey for your amazing perception on all fronts.

Whitney Greer

And thank you Whitney for the joy of working with you.

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