Featured Business Superstar–The Pacific Firm

I love photographing solopreneurs and business groups, especially those who focus attention on their visual branding. Nothing makes me happier than working with a client on their visual story-telling.  I help clients articulate the words that describe them and their businesses.  Then we brainstorm ideas of locations, clothing, mood, lighting, posing and expressions to convey that idea.   Having a well thought-out idea creates the starting point for the shoot and helps keep us on tract.  The key words direct us to our goal but does not limit us.  In fact, having a plan helps liberate both the photographer and client to think and play during the shoot.  Often, the best images come at the end of a session after we got the planned-out shots and  are now relaxed and willing to play within our pre-developed structure.

I recently worked with Stacie Blair the owner of The Pacific Firm.  Stacie is a dynamic, smart woman who has a strong sense for branding.  Pacific Firm is an Executive Recruiting Firm  specializing in finding talent for leading technology, consumer products, retail and financial services firms nationally.  They are unique in the field of recruiting because they price their services by the hour rather than a percentage of the candidate’s first year compensation.  This means they can work with companies that can’t afford to pay 20-30% of someone’s salary.  They work Fortune 500 to start-ups to non-profits.

Their clients tend to be progressive, hip, ready to try something different and that’s what Stacie wanted to convey in her photos.




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