Glamourous Corporate Holiday Party–Catering by Hugh Groman at Terra Gallery

Shoey Sindel photographed a Hugh Groman Catering corporate holiday party held at the San Francisco Terra Gallery. Photography included food and details from the event.

There are holiday parties and then there are HOLIDAY PARTIES.  This holiday party, designed, catered and managed by Hugh Groman Catering,  stood out among others as a must-see affair.  The event was held at San Francisco venue, Terra Gallery.  As event photographer, I enjoy the variety of photographing the people, food and decor.  This evening, I was hired by Hugh Groman Catering to photograph the food, details and ambiance of the event.  There were plenty details, colors and designs to keep this photographer happy all evening.

Here’s Hugh, Nicky and Nancy cheesing it up before the guests arrived.
Shoey-Sindel-Hugh-Groman-0160The space was transformed into a Winter Wonderland complete with snow angels who greeted the guests and provided a sexy and sumptuous mood to the evening.Shoey-Sindel-Hugh-Groman-0206 Shoey-Sindel-Hugh-Groman-0214 Shoey-Sindel-Hugh-Groman-0216Shoey-Sindel-Hugh-Groman-0269Appetizers were both set out on food stations and passed by the wait staff. I loved the cheese and sushi tables’ ice sculptor decor. Shoey-Sindel-Hugh-Groman-0536As a photographer, I had fun playing with the quality and color of lights on the ice…Shoey-Sindel-Hugh-Groman-2043 Shoey-Sindel-Hugh-Groman-0132Shoey-Sindel-Hugh-Groman-0313Shoey-Sindel-Hugh-Groman-0196When photographing food, I often use shallow depth of field, color and shape to make the food appear both delicious to the taste buds and to the eye. Shoey-Sindel-Hugh-Groman-0134 Shoey-Sindel-Hugh-Groman-0138Here are some of Hugh Groman’s passed hors d’oeuvres and main dishes…Shoey-Sindel-Hugh-Groman-0514Shoey-Sindel-Hugh-Groman-2074 Shoey-Sindel-Hugh-Groman-2071 Shoey-Sindel-Hugh-Groman-0482And of course, dessert…Shoey-Sindel-Hugh-Groman-0576 Shoey-Sindel-Hugh-Groman-0572 Shoey-Sindel-Hugh-Groman-0571

May 2016 be as full of beauty and abundance that this evening represented.

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