Governor Jennifer Granholm speaks at UC Berkeley Goldman School of Public Policy

Last night former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm spoke at UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy.   Governor Granholm gave a riveting talk about Creating Jobs in America in the wake of globalization.  Her talk explored how America’s investing in green technology is a key to helping our country turn around our job loss, develop long-term technology jobs that are sustainable and green and return manufacturing jobs to America.   She is a brilliant speaker, a true rock star.  In attendance of the talk and reception following the lecture were other big names of public policy and academia including Professor Robert Reich (Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Labor), Daniel Mulhern (Governor Granholm’s husband who will also teach at UC this year), and Nobel Prize Laureate Charles Townes.

I had the pleasure of photographing the event.  What a thrill to be in the presence of these political movers and shakers.

Student Democrats with the Governor
Robert Reich
Nobel Laurette Charles Townes toasts Governor Granholm

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