I’m a hip, hippie hipster with a little help from my friends

As some of you know, I just joined the league of super-heroes known for their bionic limbs.  I just had a hip replacement surgery!  Huh?  “But Shoey, you’re so young, so athletic, so hip and cool.  What’s up with the new hip?”

It all started 25+ years ago when I was hiking in the French Alps and ended up fracturing my leg.  Two surgeries later, hundreds of hours and gillions of dollars spent on rehab and therapies ranging from going to therapeutic gyms to having my energy re-aligned never fixed the problem.  Even so, I was still able to ride my bike and boy did I ever.  Two trips to LA on the AIDS LifeCycle and hundreds of training miles felt great…until I finished my second SF-LA ride last June.  My hip was finished allowing me to torture it any longer.  Time for a serious orthopedic intervention.  Time for a new hip.

It’s been only 3 weeks since I had surgery and I’m feeling fantastic! In addition to the love of my life, David Newdorf and my amazing mom, Joyce Sindel, who cared for me and made a life-time supply of chicken soup, I wanted to publicly thank a few friends whose kindness and expertise helped me feel my best quicker.  There are so many others out there who brought me lunch, told me jokes, brought me books and crayons (thanks Nan Phelps), walked up and down my 36 stairs with me and just hung out.  I appreciate all of you.

Marie Bowser came to my house 2 days after surgery and performed acupuncture.  Her needles helped reduce swelling, made me comfortable and kickstarted the healing process.

Erika Gimbel brought me Juice Plus tabs which are concentrated fruits and veggies.  I wasn’t that interested in eating for the first critical week and I know Juice Plus is packed with the nutrition a body needs to heal.

And Sheryl Tynes of Thistle and Bone floral designs brought me a gorgeous bouquet that just made me smile.

So, if any of you hipsters out there need a little love and support to promote your good health, please give these lovely women a call.  Trust me, they have magic in their hands.  🙂

Joyce SindelMarie BowserErika GimbelThistle & Bone


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