Legal Business Portraits: Renaker Hasselman LLP

Congratulations to San Francisco’s law firm Renaker Hasselman as they take on their third partner Kirsten Scott.


Renaker Hasselman LLP

I had the pleasure of photographing this prestigious employment law firm from its inception through its current growth.   They are a perfect client for me as they are smart and pleasant to work with, and they had a vision of what they wanted to communicate to their clients.  They also worked with the web designer, LegalPPC, Inc to create their website and branding.  I collaborated with the designer to help coordinate the photos with the look and feel of the design.

In addition to photographing the partners on location with the drop-dead gorgeous San Francisco vista, we photographed each person in the studio.  Now they each have headshot portraits to use for marketing, to announce their achievements and for their social media as well as their group shots.


I wish you continued success.

Shoey Sindel Photography specializes in business portraits creating unique images that capture clients’ specific visions and personalities.  Please contact Shoey to discuss your project.


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