Makeup and Glam Photo Workshop with Terry Alabata

_DSC2255 Eco makeup artist Terry Alabata came to my studio to teach a makeup workshop.

Learned to put on makeup when you were in high school and never updated that look? Or, in my case, never learned to put on makeup? We set out to help change that. Eco makeup artist Terry Alabata came to my studio to teach a makeup workshop. Six women joined in the fun. Terry gave a short lecture on the do’s and don’ts of makeup, taught us the use of specific brushes, how to apply, what kinds of makeup to get and avoid and then she demonstrated application techniques.

A couple of take-aways:

* Terry told us that one should apply eye makeup BEFORE applying foundation.   That way, you get to easily clean up any eye color that has splashed/dropped on your cheeks.

* Darkening one’s eye brows is possibly more important than any other makeup.  Your brows frame your face and keeps your onlookers focused on your eyes.  My eye brows are so blonde that they are usually only visible when I’m sunburned and then they really pop on my pink face.  Wow, when I darkened them, I needed a moment to get used to seeing them and then they really did frame my face and highlighted my eyes!  Cool.

_DSC2234 _DSC2225 _DSC2215 _DSC2213 _DSC2212   _DSC2211

The lovely Celena Peet was our demonstration model who ended up with two different styles of eye shadow.  Both ways looked quite dramatic and beautiful on her.

_DSC2235_DSC2246 _DSC2249_DSC2250

Next came our opportunity to try it on ourselves.  
_DSC2255 _DSC2267 _DSC2264 _DSC2258 _DSC2257


After everyone glammed out, I took them to the back room where we did a little fashion photo shoot.

_DSC2275 _DSC2290 _DSC2326 _DSC2336 _DSC2350_DSC2310Celena’s 2 different eyes.  Which do you prefer?_DSC2316

Of course, I had to get in on it too!_DSC2365

Thanks Terry for a really fun and educational evening!  If you are looking for a makeup artist for a wedding, photo shoot, or to teach you to update your look, contact Terry at or call her at 650-296-4863.   To see her varied style go to


To receive a list of Terry’s list of Eco Beauty Recommendations and Makeup Tips and Tricks, me a note at and I’ll get it to you._DSC2369

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