Mazel Tov Jessica

Jessica is a young woman who is poised, beautiful, smart and unbelievably talented.  Jessica came to her bat mitzvah day radiant, relaxed and ready to knock the socks off those who heard her sing.  I have never heard a 13  year old with such a magnificent voice as Jessica’s who chanted the prayers in 3 part harmony.  Photographing her and her family was a joy for me as they were so relaxed.

Inside the Beth El ark we found a torah that the b’nai mitzvah class had made when they were in 3rd grade.  The cover was decorated with stars sporting the names of each child.  We found Jessica’s.  I remember when they were that young and it’s so  wonderful to see how the kids have really grown up.

Mazel tov!

Supporting Crew:

Solano Florist who made Congregation Beth El look elegant.

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