Mazel tov Shane

The welcoming of a bar or bat mitzvah into the responsibilities of the adult Jewish community is a whole community event.  And Shane’s bar mitzvah epitomized the community aspect of the event.    While Shane chanted the prayers beautifully and gave a meaningful teaching on his portion of the torah, he was not alone in the preparation and celebration of his accomplishment.  He was supported by his rabbi, tutors, peers and mentors of Berkeley’s Congregation Beth El.  And in the party preparation, plenty of friends stepped up to bake, decorate and congratulate Shane.  The bar mitzvah had a lot of heart and I was so pleased to be a part of the day.  Way to go Shane!

Here’s a few of the formal portraits and images from the morning.


Linda Snyder of Zuzu’s Petals did the catering and flowers.  The food was classically tasty and I loved the earthy colors of the decor.  Check out how she arranges the kippah in the basket to look like a flower!


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