Personal Power Portrait — Linda’s studio portraits

Personal Power Portraits, studio photography to celebrate your beauty, grace, fashion and glamour. Treat yourself or give a gift certificate to someone who deserves to feel and look beautiful.

We work hard. We take care of others and we give so much of ourselves. Sometimes we ignore ourselves and deny ourselves the opportunity to be the focus of positive attention.  Sometimes what we really (maybe secretly) want is to be pampered, guided and encouraged to reveal our power and our beauty.  And we want something tangible to remind us of how gorgeous, powerful, sensual, fun and beautiful we are. This is NOT vanity. And, it is OK to want to feel good, look good and have a print or an album to look at and show your beauty over the years.Glamour Portrait

That is why I created the Personal Power Portraits.  These sessions are designed to be unhurried and joyful experiences. They are 1-2 hour sessions, taken at my Berkeley studio, where the distractions of the world are temporarily placed on hold while you get to focus on the moment.  You might want to come in to celebrate your birthday or a life’s milestone but you are welcome to come in just because you DESERVE it.  I provide wardrobe consultations as well as the option for professional hair and makeup.  I will take care of you and allow you the room to experiment with different aspects of your personality from commanding and strong to quiet, vulnerable, energetic, sensual and playful.  I will help you set the tone and make your session an experience you will fondly remember.
Personal PortraitLinda contacted me because I hadn’t photographed her in a few years and she was ready for a session.  She brought in a variety of clothes from casual to elegant. We selected a few outfits, chose some music and went about making gorgeous portraits.  Linda has a captivating smile but I also encouraged her to pose with a quieter, more serious expression.  The results are pretty darn amazing…Personal Power Portrait

But, Linda’s fun-loving self took over and we got a series of exuberant photos:Fashion PhotographyWomen Photography

and casual, playful photos. Her t-shirt says it all, “Being a grown up is the dumbest thing I’ve ever done.”Beauty Portrait Berkeley Studio PhotographyTreat yourself or give a gift certificate to someone who deserves to feel and look beautiful.  Call 510-917-0659 to schedule your session or click HERE to contact Shoey.

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