Second Annual Memorial Day Mai Tai Madness

Like the old, tired saying about the Bay Area, “If you don’t like the weather, wait an hour.”  OK, so it took a couple of days to change, but this long weekend’s weather cooperated perfectly.  On Saturday, I had a high-energy photo shoot with a sweet family.  We met at Cordonices Park, one of my favorite places to shoot portraits.  The sky was gray and the light was perfect.  The one of the little blonde girls I photographed  was intrigued by the tunnel at the park.  I took a few portraits of her running in the tunnel with green light coming from the other end.  It reminded me of Alice in Wonderland as she ran down the rabbit hole.

The next day, was Sunday and as you might remember, it too was a gray, gray day.  Perfect lighting for an outdoor wedding.  I assisted one of my favorite photographers, Nan Phelps, at the wedding of Jennifer and Stephen at the Oakland Rose Garden.  If you have never been there, I urge you to go.  Now!  The garden is in full bloom and is gorgeous.  The bride walked down a long set of stairs to greet her beau.  Guests were seated in the clearing surrounded by beds of pink and white roses.  I framed many of my photos with roses softly out of focus.  I can hardly wait to see them!  

Nan is  a trip to work with.  She is an elegant photographer and a super-nice person to be around.  Nan’s equipment is very old and very heavy.  She uses medium format film cameras and heavy tripods which I get to carry around.  At the bride’s house during the getting-ready part of the day, I noticed that Nan’s nose was black and she noticed that my nose was black too.  Turns out, Nan was spiffying-up her equipment with a sharpie.  Needless to say, sharpies aren’t permanent on every surface (except our noses!)

The rest of the wedding went splendidly.  The reception was at the Montclair Women’s Club.   The couple and their guests were delights to be around.

After three days of Bay Area fog, the skies cleared to help me and David usher in our second annual Memorial Day Mai Thai Madness Garden Party.   The delicious Mai Thais were flowing, made by a very talented bartender David Rogers.  I used to think these drinks were yummy “girly drinks” but in actuality, they are yummy and potent.  We saw the likes of about 80 of our friends and associates–lots of lawyers, a handful of fellow photographers, some old friends and a bunch of Grant Street regulars.  

Here’s a few photos of of the festivities.  Amazingly, only a few folks left dishes and other things at our place.  


This purple poodle purse must be someone's treasure.  Is this yours Dennis?
This purple poodle purse must be someone's treasure. Is this yours Dennis?

Claim this nice bowl someone.  Claim this nice bowl.The day was perfect for a dip in the hot tub.  Are these yours Isaac?

                                                                                The day was perfect for a dip in the hot tub. Are these yours Isaac?

And, here’s some of our fun guests…


Katherine in her aloha wear
Katherine in her aloha wear

                           Donna and Terry, thanks for coming.



dsc_1462Barbara and    Eric, did you bring those beautiful pink roses?  I have your glass.



Thanks all for making the Memorial Day Holiday beautiful.  And, I want to especially thank all the soldiers who are out there in dangerous places doing what they think is right.  My hope is that next year at this time they will all be safely out of Iraq and Afghanistan doing something positive for peace.

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