Shimrit + Amir

Shimrit and Amir are in love.  You can see it in the way they look at each other and the adorable way they play together.

Shimrit and Amir own Mother’s Nature’s carpet and house cleaning.  They use green cleaning products so when they were looking for a location for their engagement portraits, they opted for an environment that was green and lush.  Berkeley’s Tilden Park was a perfect choice.

I told them to wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to have fun.  They really loosened up and had a blast jumping off benches, playing piggy-back rides, smooching, and just being themselves.  I found myself lying on the ground shooting them from below and just as I was getting up I realized that I was lying on ground surrounded by poison oak!  Fortunately, it all worked out but you can see the lengths I’ll go through for love and photography.

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