Summer of Love Engagement Photos at SF de Young Museum

It’s the Summer of Love for Elise and Nick as their wedding will be this summer. For a little fun, I took their engagement photos at San Francisco’s de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park.  Currently there is an exhibit celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love. The outside of the museum is decorated with tie dye designs and lots of signs with groovy sayings like “Make love not war,” “Join a Minority,” and “If it feels good do it!”

The building’s outside architecture makes an interesting backdrop for photos.I love Elise’s casual power stance. Apparently, I “made” them do things they normally don’t do in public–snuggle and smooch–but aren’t they cute? I’m glad they played along. When photographing in a public place, you have to be patient as people are coming and going. I saw this stairway with its dramatic lines and asked Nick and Elise to just hang out and gaze into each other’s eyes while people walked in and out of the picture frame. This is my favorite photo of the day.This intimate moment was taken with people all around them! I appreciate their willingness to go along with my directions so we could get these sweet photos.Summer, and their wedding, are just around the corner.  Thanks Elise and Nick for a fun day.

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