Terrific 2s: Leah at Blake Gardens

Whoever described 2 year olds as, “the terrible twos” never met Leah.  What a cutie pie and full of energy.  Leah, her mom and I met at Blake Gardens,  the UC President’s house located in Kensington.  It is a magical place; there are formal gardens, a reflecting pool with koi fish, nooks with cute benches, a red wood grove, informal flower/vegie garden and much, much more.   Leah took to it immediately and had to explore every aspect with a lot of energy.  Sometimes two year olds require a super fast portrait session because they melt down but not Leah.  I went as long as she was willing to go–we spent a whopping 1 1/2 hours exploring, climbing, twirling and playing peek-a-boo.

It’s hard to pare down the images to a few for this sneak peek but I chose a couple.   Whether your child is 2 weeks, 2 years of 2 decades old, book a portrait session and I’ll find their essence and make them shine.




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