The Name Game–Play to Win

Welcome to, Shoey Sindel’s space to share my latest photography projects.  

People who I just meet always ask me, “Shoey, what a great name.  Where did that come from?  Were you born with that name?”  

The truth–that my sister gave it to me–is not an interesting or compelling story and it always leads to the question, “So, what’s your real name?”  The truth is, I’m sick of this line of inquiry and would love to give a really great story behind my name.

That’s where you come in.  If you can come up with a great story for me to tell how I got the name Shoey, you win a great prize.  The only rule is, if you mention the “other name” you are immediately disqualified!

Be creative!


One thought on “The Name Game–Play to Win

  1. Is this the first entry in the contest?

    You got the nickname Shoey when you were a teenager. You experimented with dying your lovely blonde hair black. You did it yourself and, unfortunately, it turned out awful! Everyone said it looked like you had poured black shoe polish on your head! Everyone started calling you “Shoe polish”, which got shortened to “Shoey”. Your hair grew out, but your new nickname stuck. And you’ve been Shoey ever since.

    For a variation, you can tell people that you really did dye your hair with shoe polish. But from now on, you consult your sister, the professional, before doing something so extreme with your hair!

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