Travel tip to self…When in paradise, bring camera!


Beach Babe

Beach Babe

What is a professional photographer doing in paradise without a camera (besides having an amazingly great time)?


I took a 24 hour trip to San Diego to visit my mom-in-law in the hospital.  She’s doing well considering.  It so happens that it was David’s birthday so we needed to celebrate.  We took a room at the Coronado Loews Hotel.  I was in heaven already.  Tropical, bay and ocean views, blue skies and water.  And the room was to die for.   I started to create my fantasy retirement in San Diego.  

So where are the photos?  I was traveling light–only packed a toothbrush, bathing suit and sunscreen.  What was I thinking???  Everywhere I looked there was eye-candy.  The hotel itself is gorgeous and the grounds and view from my room were filled with potential stock shots.  Then there was the beach!  A perfect day of shell-filled beaches, waves and a good looking beach dude who is always willing to pose for me.  

Alas, the only way to get a photo was with a cell phone.  OK, it’s only a snap shot but I made David photograph me after a dip in the Ocean Pacific.   I’ve learned my lesson: next time I travel, I will remember to bring a camera!


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