Truth in advertising…match the current YOU with your branding photos.

A new look = new headshots!  Using old headshots does you a disservice as your clients and audience won’t recognize you.  This disconnect is confusing and distracting to your customer and makes you appear less trust-worthy. 

True story, I went to court and while waiting for lawyers to show up, I saw this disheveled and disorganized blonde woman trying to tame her overflowing briefcase.  I had an inkling that she was the opposing lawyer in my case so I looked her up on social media.  What I saw online looked NOTHING like the woman before me–she was clean, tidy and presentable. 

Turns out, her photo looked so much better than real life. 

Imagine if you had hired her on the phone thinking this is how she presents and when the chips are down, she appears like THAT? 

On an opposite note, now image that YOUR old photo is unflattering and doesn’t do you justice!  OR, it was a great photo of what you looked like YEARS AGO. You might be losing business just because your photo isn’t up-to-date or attracting positive attention.

Be the rock star that you really are! 

June Kamerling, singer/songwriter, a real star, rocks her new portrait

I am currently scheduling headshot and personal branding appointments in the East Bay and throughout the Bay Area. 

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Shoey Sindel Photography is a Berkeley-based headshot and portrait photographer. We create dynamic and authentic business portraits and personal branding photos that get you the attention you deserve. Our heirloom-quality family portraits will stand the test of time and last generations.

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