UC Berkeley Graduate’s Business Portraits

One of the things I love about my job is that I get to meet so many interesting people as clients.  Tabea, a graduating UC Berkeley student called me the other day to get portraits for her resume.  We had an fascinating conversation about her career plans and her field of study, Political Economies.  After the photo session, we sat together to decide what images she wanted. She couldn’t decide so she used Skype to consult with her parents in Germany.  It was almost like they were with us making this important decision.

Tabea’s testimonial made me blush (stop it some more!):

I contacted various photographers about a business protrait, but from the moment I spoke to Shoey I knew she was the right person for me. Not only is she technically brilliant, but she truly cared about the quality of my portrait and we tried various different positions until we found the best fit. Shoey did a fantastic job capturing the look i wanted to portray, namely a confident, smart, charming, hirable person.

Her caring personality coupled with her professionalism and artistic talent really make her one of a kind and I can not recommend her enough to anyone looking not only for any picture, but a picture that is striking and expressive.

And here she is; a smart, confident and charming young woman posed to conquer the world.  Whoever hires you is lucky.


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