Zoomitzvah my first COVID virtual bar mitzvah

First of all, mazel tov to Noah and his parents Melissa and Dani. Noah celebrated his bar mitzvah yesterday at home in the company of his friends and relatives via Zoom.

Before COVID and shelter in place, I WAS going to be his official bar mitzvah photographer at the synagogue and at his celebration. Alas, that all changed with the need to stay at home.

But, that didn’t stop me from photographing the once-in-a-lifetime event. While I admit I did do it in my pajamas, I photographed Noah and his guests via Zoom! I took screen shots of the service and captured the joy and pride of Noah and his parents, his uncle Hillel and all the others in attendance.

While the quality was not super sharp and the angle was not the best, I still was able to get some very tender moments that the family can treasure and remember.

Taking screenshot photos was similar to using a real camera at an in-person event. I still had to anticipate the right moment and be ready to take the photos at that precise seconds where Mom looked at her son with pride and where Abba hugged Noah.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 
As you always do, even here you captured the look and feel of the event.
We will always treasure your gift!

With support, love and appreciation

–Melissa, Dani and Noah

Rabbi Lisa Kingston of Peninsula Temple Beth El led the service via Zoom from her home. We’re all learning new technologies and coming up with creative ways to carry on.

One benefit of this event was that guests from far away could easily attend. Grandma kvelled from her home in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Uncle Hillel offered Noah words of wisdom from New York.

Great Aunt and Uncle attending from Baltimore.

Family and friends gathered around Zoom to celebrate Noah’s bar mitzvah

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